40,000+ people have Watched This Video of a Ka-Bhekinkhosi Chief Being Installed. When I Watched It, I Understood Why.


Some of us have never attended an inauguration of any kind, be it that of a king or that of a chief. This is the reason why so many people are curious enough to watch this short video.  It is quite the spectacle as different performance groups render their offerings as entertainment for the guests and spectators.


The kaBhekinkhosi chief inauguration was not exception as the event was graced by various choirs ranging from school choirs to organization’s choirs. The spectators couldn’t resist joining in the festivities as they were overjoyed by the event at hand.

The guest of honor being the chief who was being inaugurated was decidedly calm during the festivities as he also joined in the traditional dance. What is most striking about this is the fact that he looked younger than what we mostly perceive a chief to be.


He now steps into the shoes of great responsibility to his people that the country’s authorities. His estimated age has clearly not been a factor in this situation as he has been trusted by his people to lead them.


It is true that wisdom comes with age, but this time around, the chief’s inauguration at his age may very well be the making of a wise people as he may be able cross all the age barriers in his chiefdom.



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