A few days after baby Andiswa was born, her mother threw her in a pit latrine and set her on fire. These pictures tell the whole story.


Andiswa (baby Shirley) had scars so severe on her face that she couldn’t breathe well and easily got infections which put her very life at risk. Her mother wanted her dead.

Baby Shirley’smother dumped her in a pit latrine at birth and to cover her tracks she lit fire over the tiny baby to make sure that she dies and so that no one would ever find her. The piercing sound of her crying baby never bothered her as she turned away and left her for death.


The tiny baby remained inside the pit latrine for hours; she managed to survive inside the filthy pit until she was discovered and retrieved from the horrific place where her mother, the woman that brought her to earth left her.


At 3 months baby Shirley was taken abroad by good Samaritans and the best Doctors in the world performed surgery on her. No one thought that this little baby would make it; the severe burns brought no hope but this little hero pulled though yet again.


When she arrived at Staten Island, she melted everyone’s heart, the staff, Doctors and everybody who met her along the way fell in love with baby Shirley and she received all the love and care that she never got from her mother. Her heavy breathing has been eased; her lip, right hand and left elbow were repaired and she receives physical therapy for her hand.


Using her hands and playing around in her walker at 6 months; Baby Shirley was healing well and had grown quite a bit; her liveliness really echoed  huge progress as she would sing back to the staff at the hospital and loved looking at books.


She came back to Swaziland a totally different baby than she was when she left and continues to heal day by day and has a new family that loves and takes care of her every need.


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