A Swazi Woman Put Her Baby In a Plastic Bag & Left It In A Forest To Die. Here is The Story of THIS Miracle Baby.


Her name is Deborah. When she was born her month put her in a black plastic bag, tied the top and left her in the bushes. Luckily some people managed to find her still breathing and took her to the hospiltal. When she got to the hospital her body was totally burnt from the heat of the sun. Her eyes, her ears, her mouth were filled with maggots (tibungu) and she was almost dead. Thanks to the organization called “Hope for Africa”, today, she is a walking miracle. She really is the face of hope. I guess it’s true what they say

“It’s not over until God says it’s over.”


Growing up I was taught that that everything we receive is a gift from God. Even an unplanned baby.  When I listened to this story, I tried hard to understand why someone would torture a young soul ngesibhuku nesibulawela lesinje! Maybe I lack understanding of what people go through to be driven to such actions but I doubt I ever would even if a thousand people, who have done the same would explain it to me slowly. There is something seriously evil about putting a living soul in a plastic bag and throwing it away in a forest.

A few weeks ago we wrote a story about the orphan who was taken to government hospital at age 10 and lived the rest of his life as an orphan (read about it here). We all got angry at the family members who pitched after he had died at age 38. Truth is, after reading up about this story that family feels like saints compared to throwing away a baby in the bushes to die.

I hope we can raise awareness of the fact that there is no greater reason that could justify such action. Maybe we need to reinforce training on making the right choices at the right time in life or maybe we should simply advocate for stricter laws against those who do such? Please take a moment to share this post on your Facebook wall and make your voice heard.

Watch the video below