A Travel Guide to Swaziland

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The kingdom of Swaziland offers an unparalleled insight into Africa’s tribal societies in a setting that is safe and welcoming to visitors. Swaziland is the only absolute monarchy in Africa. King Mswati III plays a central role in political and cultural life, with the country’s most important annual events closely linked with his household.

Every year, traditional events like the Reed dance and Incwala take place. These events draw a lot of participants from all over the world, becoming Africa’s biggest cultural event.

Swaziland hosts a great diversity of landscape, ranging from rivers, valleys, with a cool mountainous Highveld in the west and hotter and dryer Lowveld in the east. Mkhaya game reserve, one of 17 protected areas is considered one of the very best places in Africa to witness rhinos in their natural habitat.

Swaziland’s distinct and ever-present cultural traditions, together with its landscapes and wildlife, make this small land-locked country a unique and enticing destination, the ultimate place to visit.


Accommodation Options

The Royal Swazi Spa HotelRead the publication to learn more about the experiences you can have from rafting and trail blazing on the mountains on either horseback or in a four wheel automobile: or you could just be in the mood to just lounge around and watch the day pass by from the comfort of an armchair.

For water sport you may be interested in having your adrenaline levels spiked from tubing at Ngwempisi Gorge one of the Ngwempisi projects. Go to Alloutafrica.com or call +268 7602 3694 for more information on bookings and services provided.


Why You Should Get the Book

The book is a wonderful in depth look into travelling in Swaziland. It is unbiased and accurate in what to expect when visiting this wonderful country. Hope you will join the many who have been assisted by this guide in seeing the wonders that this country has to offer.


  • Swaziland is a small landlocked country found in the southern part of Africa
  • Your accommodation options range from wonderful lodging at Ezulwini at one of the sun international hotels to rural community projects, where you can truly enjoy Swaziland while giving back to the locals.
  • Have ample experiences from rafting to tubing and be exposed to the outdoors in a way you could have not experienced anywhere else.

Additional Information

The country has a rich sense of culture: time your visits to coincide with the Reed Dance in August or the Incwala dance in December to experience one of the two major cultural events of the country. More is within the pages of a traveler’s guide to Swaziland.

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