A Woman Was Caught Red-Handed With Stolen Goods, What She Stole Will Make You Question Her Motive


A local publication published a story of 2 women who were caught red handed stealing Milo at the Smile Supermarket. YEP! I was just as shocked as you are. Why would someone steal Milo? Is it still poverty or shoplifting has become a hobby?

Most of us have done it before, walking into a store only to leave moments after with items that we “forgot” to pay for. You would think that we have all grown out of this right? Well it seems as though this habit still persists with others.

In Swaziland shoplifting carries with it a steep penalty in the form of a fine or jail time. The level of poverty and unemployment has driven some people to these desperate measures and most have had to face the consequences thereof. Shoplifting offenses are common, but that doesn’t mean shoplifting crimes should not be taken seriously.

Someone might shoplift for so many reasons, but there’s no way around the fact that shoplifting is stealing. Shoplifters may not realize how shoplifting can be; it can actually affect a person’s future, including chances of getting a job.

Read and share this story. Ask your friends this question, is it possible to shoplift as a hobby even as an adult or is it the force of poverty that’s currently engulfing our country?