About us

SwaziFYI.com is a content disruptor.

Our mission is to “bring great content to light”. By great we mean useful, relevant and interesting. It might not always be good news but it’s great because it’s relevant and even useful.

Our goal is to increase awareness of the social challenges and opportunities that exist in Swaziland in order to effectively engage the young population (24 – 35 years old). By helping to drive social awareness, we seek to bring consciousness to issues that need analytic thinking and resources from a generation that has the power to change the country’s fortune for the better.

When we develop our stories we don’t only focus on what’s new but what’s important. So you might have missed an important story from months ago. We make sure we repackage it and present it to you in the way you want to consume it. Thousands of content pieces about Swaziland go unnoticed – all cluttered by the more dominant news content that sells. We are the curators of that content that awesome content that go unnoticed – hence our slogan “Bringing great content to light”

Mainstream media is restrictive, after all they can only spare 36 pages worth of content. You can only read from a newspaper (that’s it!). We, on the other hand have unlimited space and you can consume unlimited content anyway you like – on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can consume not only images and articles but video as well.

So who are we, you ask; we are the NEW “mainstream” media for millennials and to a large extent Generation Y. We package news and information exactly the way they want to consume it; Fast, unlimited and exciting.