After What Happened to Her, This Young Woman Had Every Reason To Give Up On Her Dream But Her Tenacity Kept Her Going. Her Story is One of Legends


Nonsikelelo , a beautiful girl with HIV faced discrimination from  her friends at school because of her status. She was still a student when she found out that she was HIV positive. She had gone for the testing together with her friends not expecting the results she got. In fact, she refused to believe it the first time. She absconded school for two weeks as the news of her status spread across the school.

Her grand mother didn’t believe it too. In fact she was afraid of her and avoided and sort of contact with her. It was until Nonsikelelo requested someone to talk to her grandmother about how to treat her now that she was HIV positive.

When she got back to school everyone already knew her status and had to endure some terrible treatment, even from her friends.

Despite the discrimination from her friends ,Nonsikelelo continued with school. It was hard at first but  she took the huge step and  went back to school. She knew what she wanted in life and  by going to school she would be able to achieve her dreams.

A lot of girls live school live school because of stupid reasons, some drop out of school because they want to leave with their boyfriends and some dropout because of drug abuse. Nonsikelelo’s decision could easily be justified but she chose to stay. The message here is loud and clear,

Do NOT let HIV define who you are, Being HIV positive doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. In fact in her own words,

“There is hope after being affected, you mustn’t worry. Still remain the same –  happy ambitious – enjoy life. You are just like everyone in the world. You can still do what you have in your mind. God is still there for you”

Watch this video and share this story with your friends. Even if you are not HIV positive, someone in your circle is and this video will encourage them.