Café Cuba Nora Serves Customers a Plate Filled with Emotions


Swaziland has a very health arts fraternity. It has a mixture of young and upcoming artists as well as industry veterans. These artists can count on companies such as Cuba Nora as their heroes as. Reason for this is that Cuba Nora has a program for new artists to perform in the café every Friday even at no cost to them.

This feature under Mbabane skies has further colored the capital’s entertainment scene as the hub for good music and poetry. Musician Fiki the Drummer was also most pleased by Cuba Nora’s initiative as he took to Facebook to rave about his gig at Café Cuba Nora. He posted a video that accompanied his post and it proved highly popular as it was viewed over 100 times. The video shows the youngster and his band mates jamming to a song they titled Emotions and judging from the crowds’ response this set is one of the bands most popular offerings.

The country’s companies also support local performers by hiring them out for corporate events, a welcomed moved by our local artists. Is the industry a lucrative one for youngsters to go into though? Is there enough support for our local artist? Our neighbor, South Africa has gone as far as putting in law the broadcasting of 90% South African music and 10% international music.

Will this law be a reality for Swaziland too? Café Cuba Nora has indeed become a beacon for upcoming artist and the hype created during these shows may be the catalyst we need to welcome our budding artists. What is your take on this initiative, leave your comments below.

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