Dance much like music is universal as proved by this youngster who cracked out international moved perfectly

Music and performance go hand in hand and anyone relate to music sound. Expressions come in all sort of dance moves. This high school boy dances to Ingud’ by Khwesta as students applaud him. Physically music goes hand in hand with brain activity. Dancing is not only for experts but dancing for entertainment as well as proved by this budding young dance performer.

This boy shows his talent in front of his schoolmates and they receive him with great pleasure as they seem to requesting for more. The way he dances seems like his joints were completely dislocated. A combination of freestyle (Brag dancing) moves to township famous move style know as (Gwaragwara). His presentation of dancing to the music shows how versatile and creativity to his choreography. From the solo performance one can note the confidence of performance to such a big crowned of students.

If you can’t beat them join them. People have many interpretation of the sound or the groove of music listen to. Not every individual can dance but there can be a way of expressing what you hear. Do you think Swaziland is in need of more formal performing arts institutions for young talents such as his?

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