E25,000 For Doing TODAY What I Used To Do 30 Something Years Ago Because I Was Poor



More than half of us grew up emakhaya right? We walked KMs to school and for most of us bare footed in the bush (don’t remind me of Brenda Fassie). Some of us had to always run because we were always late, not by our own doing but because there was so much more to do at home before we could get ready for school. Fast forward to 30 something years later and now someone is willing to pay me E25,000 for doing what I used to do anyways. This is super crazy!

Anticipation for the Imbhube Marathon brought to us by the Swaziland National Provident Fund has reached fever pitch as the Lidlelantfongeni posted a link to their prize list on their Facebook page.
The post further announced that the first prize will be worth a whopping E25 000.00 with the top 10 sharing in a E200 000 treasure pot.

The Publics’ response following the post was all inspiring as most coveted the first prize. Most of those who commented expressed their will to attend and participate in the marathon, though some predicted that first place will go to a foreigner.

The posted link leads you to a page with a breakdown on the prizes. The prizes are broken down into the three categories of the marathon. The 42km, 21km and the 10km marathons respectively hold different cash prizes for those who will achieve. The E25 000 grand prize will go to the 42km winner, with E7 500 going to the 21km winner and finally E5000 to the 10km winner.

The marathon will also award runner ups with cash prizes and the prize list has a full breakdown of the different prizes that will be awarded to the runner ups. Indications on the prize list also show that men and women will be judged separately as is done in most international marathons.

We are turning the tide against poverty, sickness and premature deaths. We are getting healthy and getting paid while doing it.



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