Wearing of Emajobo at the United Nations Gets Them Talking



It is most eclectic in its diversity, described by the west as exotic. Our traditional attire has often made headlines in the international media scene. What gets the tongues wagging the most though is our willingness to adorn it as and when to mood strikes. There was a time when the sun would not set without anyone having not seen a person fully clad in their traditional regalia.

Hiranking Media posted an interesting collage of images with Swaziland’s dignitaries who were in UN meetings dressed in their traditional attire. We are generally known as a friendly nation, but perhaps pride should be added on to our qualities. The post ends its caption with the words “proudly Africa”, a true testament to our attitude towards our traditional attire.

It is heartwarming to see that an international media house taking note of our traditional practices and commending it. What is most concerning though is the complete change in our psyche toward our traditional attire since it is no longer as readily worn out in public as it used to be.

Why is it that when the world has finally taken note of our traditional attire, we are seemingly turning our back on it. Or are we? Are we still as proud of it as we used to be? Leave your comment below, let’s talk.


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