Former Miss Swaziland Shares An Insight Into What Makes Polygamy Okay in This Day & Age. Must See Interview!


Former Miss Swaziland Nozipho Shabangu offers a candid insight into the lives of the lives of women married into polygamy in Swaziland. She reveals the freedom that such women enjoy in their matrimonial homes, with the consent of their husband.

Nozipho reveals that polygamy is not as bad as people think it is, she explains that these wives live a fulfilled lifestyle as they have access to anything that they want. When asked on her views about polygamy she explains that the practice of polygamy is right when the husband can take care of his wives and children. She says that when traditional norms are followed, polygamy becomes a good thing, recalling the days of old, Nozipho says that polygamous men would have a large herd of cattle and give all the wives money so as to ensure that the children are well fed and educated.

“For polygamy in our country, it is right when you can take care of your wives and kids – so that the kids are not abused and they live in a proper family and is done the right way.” “Polygamy is right when it’s done in a pure way, cultural way, (and) more traditional way”

She explains that her friend too is in a polygamous marriage and that even though she doesn’t talk about her marriage, she has accepted that it is a situation that she can never change. The marriage of more than one wife is legal in Swaziland and is a commonly practiced tradition throughout the country.

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