He Relies On The Goodness Of Others For A Hot Meal And School Fees, Technology Infrastructure Nearly Put His Entire Welfare In Jeopardy Though


Meet Bonginkhosi Mavimbela, just one of thousands of orphans in Swaziland. This self reliant teenager lost both his parents as the age of 4 years old forcing him to grow up quickly. He has become so accustomed to living by himself and taking care of himself that he doesn’t even know where some of his older siblings live.


“I don’t have anyone who will help me with me with decisions. I just do things myself.”

This young man has found means to make some money as he does occasional jobs for his neighbors which is enough to buy him some clothes. School fees and food are sponsored through a charity program that is run at his local care point by the Young Heroes Swaziland, an NGO geared towards the support of young orphans.


The NGO relies on donations from individuals around the world and Bonginkhosi is one of the recipients of the generous gestures. The irony is the same vehicle (website) that the NGO uses to generate sponsorships may very well been the same that caused a loss in sponsorship as the bandwidth was ill equipped to cater to the demands of real-time updates. Potential sponsors and existing donors has already started losing faith in the NGO and some had already started pulling out as they found that they were not responded to on time and the updates on the families that they sponsored were slow.


It was thanks to the ingenuity of SAP a software company that Young Heroes was able to upgrade their server and cater to the daily demands that come with running an NGO with an online portal. Faith was reinstalled in the organization as traffic to the website was increased again. This meant that Bonginkhosi would continue to receive the much needed support that he had been getting from his local care point.

A hot meal a day is something we tend to take for granted sometimes, but to Bonginkosi it sometimes means the difference between eating that day or not. He is ever grateful for this opportunity and expresses that thanks to the aid he receives, he now feels like he is one of his age mates again.

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