He sways and swerves his tiny body much to the excitement of onlookers; this young boy will leave you in chuckles


The electrifying sounds of whistles, animal hide drums and clapping of hands cheered him on as he was moving up and down more like he was warming up for his next move.

In his colorful traditional regalia, the young Swazi trooper dancing the sizingili started singing in a commanding voice as if he was imploring the backup singers to sing louder so that he could do his “thing”.


When he swayed and swerved his flexible body you would swear that he had no bones in his body. His tiny legs did not let him as he flung them in and out and up and down the dusty ground. The confidence and passion on his face revealed just how much this boy loves his Swazi culture.


His command of his footwork and his constant engagement with the crowd through his pleasing moves give one the impression that he truly was born to do this. Most men twice his age are yet to learn what he has already mastered in his tender age, something truly amazing.

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