He Was Taken in Disabled At 10 Years Old, But When He Died 28 Years Later in Mbabane, Something Heart Breaking Happened



If you live or have been to Mbabane a couple of times then you know “Sigodvo” (nickname). Well, he passed on last week and needless to say, Facebook lit up as people could not stop sharing their “worst” encounters with him. He was not, how do I put this, the person you often liked to have an encounter with. Most women were terrified of him but those who engaged him enjoyed his company to bits.

The last time I saw him was exactly 7 days before he passed on. From nowhere he stood next to the driver’s side window while my car was being filled up with Petrol at Engen filling station. He said nothing just stared at me with his somewhat terrifying look but I knew he wanted me to give him some coins. I didn’t and he walked away dejected.

The way he died is heart breaking to say the least. He was alone in his house without anyone to assist him. He was known to be epileptic so it is assumed it’s what eventually took his life. Now, even in death, he is STRUGGLING to find assistance yet again.  He was practically raised by the Swazi Government with the help of friends of Swaziland and is now pleading with the nation to help bury him because they do not have the means to do so. Fortunately, ENGEN, Gcwalisa (filling station where he used to hang out a lot) is reported to have offered to help – to a certain extent.

We are not pointing fingers and encourage you not to do the same but the idea of this post is to garner support for him anyway possible. Help us spread the word about the need to assist him by sharing this post. What is currently happening is heart breaking but you have the power to make it right.

We do not have contact details on whom to call to offer assistance but I guess you can call Mbabane Government or maybe even visit the Engine Gcwalisa filling station – chances are they will point you towards the right direction.

UPDATE: His family has suddenly showed up claiming him. Read the developing story here.


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