Her future looks bright but comes at a high cost; her grandfather’s act of love gave her a chance at a good life

Source: http://hfablog.heartforafrica.org/?cat=13

Despite his lamentations over his love for his granddaughter, whom was the spitting image of his deceased daughter, his situation dictated that the baby be removed from his care and placed in an orphanage. His love transcended his reservations and he obliged the orphanage workers the opportunity to escalate the matter to his brother (customary in the Swazi way of life).

The orphanage had dubbed her baby Oprah for her striking resemblance to the former talk show host and superstar Oprah Winfrey. Her charisma rubbed off on everyone in the orphanage and she was soon requested to join the orphanage due to her dire living conditions back home.

Far too young to even remember her grandfather should she be placed in the orphanage, baby Oprah’s future seemed to be looking a lot brighter as she would have access to 3 square meals, an education and love in abundance. The conundrum comes in the form of her grandfather who clearly loves his grandchild and expressed how his bond was due to how she reminded him of his daughter who died at child birth.

The question herein; is the security and love that baby Oprah would receive from the orphanage more valuable than the unconditional love that she would have received from her grandfather who was clearly in no position to cater for her quite like the orphanage would? While placing baby Oprah in the orphanage is for her own good, would she grow to appreciate this or regret the time that she will have lost with her grandfather?

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