Her life seems to be an assortment of challenges but the unwavering faith she has in her children’s future is awe-inspiring


Lindokuhle Nhlabatsi is a young single mother to more than just one child. She was unwell for quite some time and was not able to care for her young, least of all her youngest who was then passed around to different relatives as she was still seeking treatment for herself.


She was told by her family that her son was sent off to Mozambique to live with family member and this is where he took ill. He was lethargic and listless and Lindokuhle had lost all hope that the boy would survive his illness.

Through the assistance of Siphilile Maternal, Lindokuhle was able to receive the treatment that she and her son needed. She felt like a part of a supportive family again and hope was restored yet again.


The challenges that she faced did not shadow the hopes and dreams that she had for her children as she had noticed how brilliant they are in school. Astonishingly her dreams have led her to believe that she is raising Swaziland’s future doctor, teacher and police officer. She stands on her convictions that her children will in the future raise her to greater heights of life.


She may very well be right about her children, life is not a clear cut path and opportunities for her to prosper and prosper her children may avail themselves to her. This teaches us that our dreams for the future need not be hampered by our current situation as there is no telling just what tomorrow brings.


There is a Lindokuhle in each and every one of us as we all have a story to tell. How we choose to handle our different situations though makes all the difference.

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