Her persuasion transformed a pit latrine into a school; learn how she invoked greatness amongst her community members


She heard their pleas for help and saw their tears from desperation. Having nothing to give did not faze her; it actually propelled her to ingenious means of assistance. A sign of compassion deeper than any hug and warmer than any words of comfort in any language is what Nomsa of Buseleni gave members of her community who had come to see her as a beacon of hope – she simply showed them who they really are and what they can achieve.

Positive reinforcement in the community women’s self belief is what catapulted their community projects to completion without any external funding or donor support. Nomsa’s encouragement for them to acknowledge their self worth was the key that unlocked untapped potential in many of the women in Buseleni thus revealing Nomsa’s power of connection and positivity.

Nomsa’s power of conviction amazingly transformed a school with only 2 pupils under a tree, who used a pit latrine for a chalk board to a brick school with 140 pupils. The women of Buseleni managed this feat by building the school themselves from the ground up, a school that served as communal landmark signaling the power of women, how they matter and can make a difference.

Viewed as a life coach in her own right, Nomsa who believes that we all have infinite power that can be created from within shone a mirror in the faces of each and every community member for them to see their inequities and abilities and enforce within them that this is all they needed for greatness to be achieved.

Do you believe in the power of personal greatness? Imagine how far we would be as a country if each and every one of us relied on ourselves for development.

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