Here is How to Explain How Rape Feels Like To a Desensitized Man & A Nation Trying To Ignore The Realities of This Pandemic!



Rape and other forms of sexual violence are crimes that we as a Nation have become desensitized to. How many times have we read in the newspapers about one rape incident or the other, yet we are never moved anymore. Just today our local daily newspaper published a story about a man in his 50s having allegedly raped his step daughter for years, yet there is no outcry from the public over this story, just like the countless other before today.

It is difficult to decipher why this is but perhaps what we should focus on is what rape really is. It is a multi-pronged weapon fashioned against its victim as it violates the person psychologically, physically and spiritually. Today’s story reported on how the victim reached out to her mother for help to no avail under the claims that the perpetrator is highly abusive and is their sole breadwinner. No one knows how this must have affect the little girl, knowing that she is not safe in her own home and her mother with whom she had naturally entrusted her life to is seemingly powerless to lift a finger in saving her.

A girl of that age will be expected to have an under developed reproductive organ meaning that she has not reached full sexual maturity. According to today’s story, the girl who was violated had already started showing signs of physical distress as she was reported to have had trouble walking. There is a long list of the types of physical trauma that a rape victim suffers. One being a urinary fistula, this is when the lining of the wall that separated two organs (in this case, the vagina and the bladder) tears.

This results in the constant leaking of urine from the bladder as the muscles responsible for urinary control are compromised. Another type of trauma is a urinary tract infection; this is when the urinary organ becomes infected with bacteria or viruses that cause an inflammation of the urinary tract. This infection is unfortunately very common in rape victims and is characterized by the excruciating pain the victim suffers when passing urine due to the urine coming in contact with the affected area as it passes through. If left untreated the infection will often develop in sores along the urinary tract causing crippling pain to the victim and often bleeding during the passing of urine.

Let’s not even discuss sexually transmitted diseases that comes with this atrocity – It’s like a death sentence for a crime she did not commit. The man gets 7 years or less and the woman is sentenced to a lifelong sickness that is a window to a more ailments and physical distress. Sure HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence, they say but what about the cost of staying alive after the sick bastard infects the woman with the disease.

How then can we say we are a peace loving nation when we afflict such horror to women, worse still – keep silent about it as a form of acceptance? Please share this article on your Facebook page, get all your friends worked up about this. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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