Here is why we think this young lady is a hero. The story is an eye-opener to other women who may be in the same situation

This is Pamela Mkhonta a 26 year old young mother who has become an inspiration and supporter to other mothers in her community and her story could have an impact to many other mothers or mothers to be who are in the same condition has her.

Pamela is one of dozens of young mothers in Swaziland who are living with HIV but she never allowed her status to shadow her life and become a scapegoat for the challenges it presented.

When she got pregnant, Pamela never thought that the baby in her womb would be spared from being infected with HIV but when she went to the clinic she was given medication that would prevent her from transmitting the virus to her unborn baby; she grabbed that opportunity with both hands and faithfully took the medication and today she is a mother to an HIV-free generation.

In appreciation of her HIV negative baby; Pamela dedicated her child to God and named him Owenkhosi (for the Lord). Her baby gave her assurance that there is life after HIV and that it is possible for an HIV positive mother to give birth to a HIV negative baby.

Her “miracle” baby is the reason Pamela wakes up every day to inspire other HIV positive mothers and also supports and educate them on how to protect their babies from being infected and staying healthy.


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