Here’s a one of a kind speech delivered by Salesian’s Father McDonnell to the graduating class of 1988.

I stumbled upon a true treasure when I found a speech that Father McDonnell’s gave to the Salesian Boys High School graduating class of 1988. His bubbly and carefree outlook on life amazingly harbored true secrets that one needs to hold dear. The lessons that I have learned in his speech will definitely carry me through time.

It was a relaxed setting, more like a Sunday chillas setting where the graduating class of 1988 had gathered around the wise father. He iterated on the importance of the relationships that the class had which formed bonds that would last for a long time to come.

“Very important I ask you to keep that spirit because it will fade as you get older and your families take more and more of your time.”

He encouraged the graduating class to establish some kind of a system or structure that will allow for their relationship to carry on as they get older. He foretold of how these friendships will grow weaker as they get older and become less enthusiastic and he the stated that that will be a time when they would need to gather around again and re-evaluate their system to ensure that their relationships remain intact and are handed down for generations to come.

What I found most enlightening about his speech is how he took the mickey out of his advanced years and left the graduating class in stitches. He even mentioned that his looks can get him into places and even get him cheap beer!

“When people ask, how old are you? I say I’m old.”

One can only wonder just how this particular class turned out. With a send off like that, it would most certainly be a treat to find out whether they all managed to remain friends after all these years. I would imagine Father McDonnell who retired in 2010 would most certain love to know just how they turned out.

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