His silky voice evoked a different side to HRH Princess Sikhanyiso; here is how this tall dark and handsome man captivated her highness

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1wQ3GCXGmg

It is safe to imagine that HRH Princess Sikhanyiso sees a number people who seek her audience on a more frequent basis now that she has taken on a more active role as the country’s patrone. This particular visit to her by South African Afro Soul musician Musa SA clearly left a lasting impact on the country’s sweetheart.

Musa SA is a Durban based up and coming musician whose unique voice possesses the power of persuasion as exhibited by her royal highness who was visibly taken by his rendition of a gospel song that he performed for her. Big on Christianity herself, her Royal Highness seemed decidedly calm and collected at the beginning of the performance.

Right from the time he began singing to when he delivered the song’s climax, Umntfwanenkhosi whose composed demeanor and poise started unraveling swayed her head to every note he sang. What was most interesting to see was how she completely let her inhibitions go and allowed herself to be moved by the spirit as she responded to his lyrical devotion to God.

One thing that was glaringly obvious when observing this interaction between the musician and Phashu is that it doesn’t take the moon and the stars to impress. No matter where you go or in whose company you find yourself in, exhibiting authentic characteristics of your natural being is often what will set you apart from the rest.

I do not think that HRH Princess Sikhanyiso will forget this performance anytime soon and rightfully so, it was most breath taking.

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