I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the tourists who were fooled to think they were getting a Swazi experience. Watch as this group completely misrepresents our culture.


The group supposedly representing Swaziland starts off their performance with a foreign rhythm to that of Swaziland traditional music. They compliment this music with a series of leaps mimicking the Massai people from Kenya. The group is mixed with both males and females adorned in Swazi traditional regalia with a hint of Zulu in the women’s head pieces.

The performance took on a typical wedding sequence dance that went on for minutes on end while still moving to the same tune. The dance was made of quick steps in sequence of every group member, they all dominated the stage as they moved from one end to the next performing this same dance, over and over again.

The beat went into a much faster tempo, much like the Brazilian samba music, which may have been the inspiration to the next dance that they went into.  The gyrated their waste in a fast paced motion while shaking their shoulders to deliver the performance that got the spectators spellbound.

I am all for the adaptation of other cultures to enhance our own, but watching this I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the tourists who must surely believe what they were told, that this is a Swaziland dance performed by a Swazi cultural group.

Should there be more stricter regulations on cultural activities in the country so as to protect its authenticity?

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