I Once Asked A Man Why They Rape Women, What He Said In Response Tore Me Apart!



Yet again we woke up to another story of a man held in custody for raping a woman. No wait! A 53 year old raping a 12 year old girl. I have literally ran out of exclamations and clever lines to express my shock more intelligently. It’s not about the age gap really (I am not sure why we are even talking about that because it makes it look like it’s ok as long as SHE is older or the age gap is not so wide), it’s about the fact that yet again a man raped a woman.

I once asked a man why they rape women, He himself claims to have never raped a woman but he made an attempt to speak for all men.

“You see mean are like animals, they hunt. When they are full there the animal instinct stays intact but when hunger knocks and lingers on for days, the aggression surfaces and anything is possible after that. I mean why you would hang around a hungry lion”

He was a work colleague and I have never spoken to him since. The other colleagues tried to explain that he was only joking and didn’t really mean what he said but that did not change my mind. What broke my heart (on top of being angry) is the fact that men have no clue – no clue at all!

There is no justification in the world for raping a woman – let alone joke about it. I personally feel our government needs to do more in punishing this crime. It’s the worst in human kind. We need to come together as not just women but as human kind and stand against such atrocity. A friend of mine once said,

Stop teaching women how not to get raped but teach young boys not to rape”

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