In 1963 Swazis were asked to vote to determine a constitutional issue, I was particularly blown away by the voting system used. Watch the video inside.


French general and statesman Mr. Charles de Gaulle inspired Swaziland who was still under British protection to vote either in favour or against King Sobhuza’s stance of rejecting the constitution that was drawn up by Mr. Duncan Sam.


Voters simply had to choose a lion card if they were for King Sobhuza’s decision and choose a reindeer card if they were against his decision. This was after a 3 year long scramble amongst the Swazi people which led to the British government imposing the constitution.


Divided into two lines based on their gender, the country’s citizens each made their voice known in the elections which proved to be a mystery to most yet they felt it a must to participate. Everyone seemed elated to have casted their vote and the mood seemed telling of the King’s victory.


The whole country seemed to have converged at the polling stations on that day as young and old casted their votes. The simplicity of these elections proved to be the hat trick as the results of those very elections are still known today

Sometimes the answers to life’s questions can be found in history. The voting that took place in 1963, though simple, managed to unite a country in one voice and the same voice can be heard through time.

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