It’s exciting to see Mahlathini & emahhotela queens this young & youthful. Watch them perform in Swaziland in 1973.


I’ll start with a confession; I never really imagined Mahlathini and emahhotela queens this young and youthful. Foolishly I have always had this picture of very old energetic women and man. So to come across this video from 1973 was an amazing experience worth sharing.

If you don’t know this group then you were probably born in the 2000s and you won’t understand the nostalgia. If you are like me, a child of the early 80s then you have an idea of how great this group was and if you are even older – I am sure you can tell me more than I can about this awesome band.


Well, this is not meant to be a long winding article. Just spend a few minutes and listen to them sing and dance to one of their all times songs, “Shaluza max” (hope I got that right).

Guga mtimba sala nhlitiyo. These ladies were hot!

Note: The video is 1 minute 16 seconds so it won’t chow too much of your data.

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Watch video below. You are welcome.