It’s Official? Hawane Dam No Longer A Dam But A Stream – See the Pictures. My heart bleeds


It’s been said a thousand times before, the dam is running out of water but who would have thought this would actually happen in our lifetime. The dam has turned into a stream. My heart bleeds.

If you visit the site you will see nothing but a sorry looking stream of dissipating water. We have been warned about the diminishing water levels at the dam for over a year now, but something about actually seeing the devastating conditions has actually hit home.

The Swaziland Water Services Corporation posted shocking images on their Facebook page of what used to be the Hawane dam but now just a massive depression on the ground with crevices that hold the aquatic residue from what was once a formidable body of water.

Here is a quote from SWSC

“The ongoing drought has reduced the Hawane Dam into a stream. We plead with our customers to use water sparingly.”

Hawane dam without water
Picture by SWSC

On the same post the water company is pleading with the public to use water sparingly and responsibly. The images that accompany the post are starkly sobering as some even depict the areas of complete derelict. It is unclear as to when these dire conditions will relent, but the images show that the situation has reached and gone past desperate.

Hawane dam dried up
Picture by SWSC

Did we ever think that a whole dam could ever go extinct? The evidence is right before us now, the dam in no more and the effect thereof are almost unfathomable as it has been a major source of water for Mbabane and Gwenya residents including surrounding areas.

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Picture by SWSC

Everyone needs to know this so that we can collectively work towards avoiding making the situation worse. Please take a moment to share this post on your social media account.

Update 17/01/17

Since the publishing of this story, Swaziland has received a record amount of rain in the space of 3 months and this has seen Hawane Dam amongst others filling up once more. According to our daily newspaper publication Hawane Dam has reached capacity at 100% of water. The immediate result of this is that Mbabane residence can now breathe a sigh of relief as they now have access to water and the SWSC water rationing exercise has since come to an end.