Lifestyle Audits: Is SRA at War Against Swazis or is it a Necessary Evil?


It has been said that the best way to remove a bandage is to simply rip it off a fast as possible. When the Swaziland Revenue Authority (SRA) introduced VAT at 14% for all consumers in 2011 many thought that the country would eventually adjust to this new regulation. 5 years later though, SRA seems to still be painstakingly engaging in tax wars with evaders.

SRA is becoming Swaziland’s biggest pariah as it has been recently revealed by our daily news publication that it has plans in the works to extend it tax arms to rural households as well as titimela – conjoined rental bachelor apartments. SRA’s General Commissioner Dumisani Masilela revealed in an interview with the said publication that he is not narrowing his target to titimela owners  but to all those who have evaded tax over the years. He further revealed that the SRA has invited an international specialist who will be in the country training a select group from the authority on lifestyle auditing.

On a Facebook post by the same publication, the responses were surprisingly divided with some showing support for the new regulation to impose lifestyle tax. Some however were starkly against it and even went as far as foreseeing it being imposed only on some with a selected number of Swazis being exempted. What is your take on the lifestyle tax, should it be imposed? Leave your comment below.

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