No iron for your clothes? Not a problem! Here is how this man prepared his clothes before leaving the house

Necessity most often gives rise to opportunity and this has never been truer than in this very instant where lacking proved not to be a hindrance or challenge but grounds for innovation. This man shows that ingenuity will potentially get you out of any sticky situation.

While his solution is admittedly a temporary one for safety reasons, he none the less has probably inspired millions around the world.

The gentleman in question is seen ironing a shirt but instead of using an iron, this genius used a pot filled with boiling water. Skeptics were turned into believers as the creases on his shirt vanished leaving a bone straight shirt ready for wear.

There are many good reasons an uninspired person will give for not having thing done. The iron pot however will hopefully have inspired even the laziest of us all. Give us your take on what this man has inspired you to do this year.

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He had to get to a job interview but he could not afford an iron…..This is true definition of NO EXCUSES! – – – – –

Posted by You gotta Share this sht on Sunday, 25 October 2015