President Jacob Zuma’s Dance Picture With Swazi Princes Goes Viral


If you live in Swaziland and are on Facebook, there is a 99.9% chance you’ve seen the picture of president of the Republic of South Africa doing the “dab” with Emazinyane (Princes in Swaziland). If you haven’t seen it then go to your Facebook newsfeed and keep scrolling down – I bet you one of your friends has shared it. Twitter was abuzz and was even the South African Media couldn’t help but write about this picture.


I did a quick experiment to scroll down my news feed to see how many posts I could find within a minute and I came out with a few posts with some interesting comments.

Oh and the picture made headlines on the Times of Swaziland. As I type this, I am looking the very prominent picture in the local daily newspaper. I hear that even one of the political parties in South Africa, the EFF, made mention of this picture – even though according to our local daily their commentary was met with dissenting views.

Here’s the thing about the picture, you want to hate it, criticize it but it just evokes some positive emotions – no matter how hard you fight them. There is nothing much to read into it really it is light and friendly (in my opinion) – sought of shows you how human everyone is after all. We are so used to people in high places being all serious and all about running the world but such an image reminds you of their human side that makes you lean back and say oh yah! By the way they are more than just presidents.

Personally I love it (as you can obviously tell) but then I am sure some people have different opinions about it and I am curious. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of this picture of the President Jacob Zuma’s moment of fun with Swaziland’s princes.

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