Seriously! This is What He Thought Swaziland Looks Like But This is What I Actually Meant


2016-08-17_1008How the world perceives Swaziland and what we see as Swazis living in the country is totally different. This could either be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. On Imitsanyelo We Fashion Front’s Facebook page there was a meme that read “When I say I’m going to Swaziland, people think…” then it showed an image of a double storey stick and mud hut. Underneath that the meme continues to read “What I mean is…” with a night time image of our capital city Mbabane.

These two are interesting depictions of our country. Yes we have stick and mud huts, not only in the villages but in our capital city as well. On the flip side, we also have remarkable structures in our cities that that give life to our night skies. Perhaps this too is what makes up the beauty of our Country, the taste of both worlds. Imitsanyelo’s followers seemed quite perturbed by this, recalling their experiences when travelling out of the country. One follower told of her shocking experience where she was told that she is able to wear clothes now that she is out of Swaziland. She promptly showed them an item of clothing that was made in Swaziland. Another comment exclaimed about the beauty that our country has.

The post racked up 277 likes and some simply thought that it was just hilarious. What needs to happen from us as a nation for outsiders to have the right opinion about Swaziland? Leave your comment below, let’s talk.


  1. We need to write more material about Swaziland and put it on the internet. There is not enough information about Swaziland on the so called web, that is why people who have never been to Swaziland will have their own idea of how Swaziland looks like.


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