She endured all manner of abuse in her matrimonial home; the reaction of those she reached out to for help drove her to her gruesome fate



Note: this is not a true story but a short film made in Swaziland. The story told is what thousands of women endure every day. Read the narration below and watch the film at the end of the article.

Sindi is a young bride in an abusive marriage. She goes into her bathroom to clean her wounds after receiving a beating from her husband and it is there where she decides to leave him for good. This is the introduction to the most heart wrenching story to date. A story of pain, neglect and abuse but most of all; a story of Sindi’s blood in the hands of more than just one murderer.


Her husband seems to care less about their marriage with every day that passes and Sindi turns to her Pastor for council before walking out of her matrimonial home. She explains to him how she no longer has the energy to continue and how she wants a divorce from this man. Her Pastor protests against Sindi’s proclamation and encourages her to stay in her marriage.


The physical abuse seems to be a daily routine for her husband who comes home drunk and is always livid at the fact that Sindi locks the door. She endures yet another bout of punches and slaps from her him and with a solemn face filled with resolute she makes the decision to leave him, this time she acts on it.


On her arrival back home, she collapses in her mother’s arms and lets out a blood curdling wail, much to her mother’s surprise. Astonishingly though, her mother whom at first seemed understanding of Sindi’s resolution encourages her to return to her matrimonial home with a few self help books on how to fix her marriage.


Sindi breathed her last that day in the hands of her husband who used the weapon she had picked out for self defense (a knife) against her. Was it really her just her husband who killed her though or was it her Pastor whom after hearing Sindi’s story did nothing to help? Or was it her mother who drove Sindi right back into her husband’s clutches?


How many of us are guilty of accusing those who stay in abusive marriages of being too cowardice to leave? When the victim has reached out to all possible avenues for refuge and all encourage her to return to her husband, where else can she possibly go to?

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Watch the story unfold in the video below.