She starts off as fellow citizen appreciating good Swazi Music. What she did next totally tugged on Sands’ heart strings

Source: Sands Music Instagram

It started off as a conversation about the places she know or has been to in the kingdom and soon after it was established that she is not new to the Swazi way, she did something that not even Sands himself had expected.

Warm and light hearted, the conversation went on to his music prowess, more especially that which he displays in the song that is responsible for the current Swazi craze in South Africa “Tigi”. She was not about to let the star think that she couldn’t be “one of the boys” when she suddenly broke into the SiSwati language in appreciation for what he does.

What she did next totally tugged on the star’s heart strings. She worked the tigi gi gi gi gi slogan into her conversation which totally sent Sands into a hysterical laugh. His blush shortly after the laugh was priceless though and the incident prompted Sands to proclaim on social media just how much of an impact this particular fan made.

To think that a moment that lasted less than a minute could possibly be so impactful for a superstar such as Sands, it goes to show that one does not need to have the moon and the stars to leave their mark in the world on a daily basis.

Please share with us how your encounters have been with Sands if you have had the opportunity to meet him. Help us tell the story of the man behind the music.

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