She Told Her Daughter To Let Him Rape Her. The Reasons Why Will Shock You!



I recently wrote a commentary on a story published by mainstream media about the 54 year old man who raped a young girl of 12 years old (read my initial story here). Since then I’ve had time to read more into this story. Through the details I discovered that the mom actually knew about it. And she did nothing!

In fact it is alleged that she told her daughter to suck it up for two ‘good” reasons

  1. The man was dangerous; he was abusive and could possibly get them killed
  2. The man was a provider and without him they were nothing.

Apparently she told the daughter that they would starve if ever the man would be out of their lives – Consequently telling her daughter to shut up and let the man have at it!

I am angry to say the least!

On one side we call for men to stop raping women while on the other our mothers are telling us to keep quiet and let men own the world – rule it like animals in the wild.

When do we actually draw a line as women and stop pushing each other into an abyss.

To understand the sentiment of this post please read my previous one here: I Once Asked A Man Why They Rape Women, What He Said In Response Tore Me Apart!

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