SHE Was Only 6 When Her Mother Died of a Heart Attack. Her Dad Remarried. That Was The Beginning of Her Nightmare &This is How It Unfolded.


This is Zinhle, the eldest of two siblings; she was only 6 when her mother died of a heart attack and she was only left with her father and sister. Soon after her mother passed, her dad married a second wife and that was the beginning of her nightmare; her step mother would act all lovey dovey when her father was around but would turn into an evil step mom when he was away.

In his absence, Zinhle’s step mother would abuse her together with her sister in the most inhumane way. Often times there was no reason for the thrashing she would endure and food was given at the step mom’s prerogative – she narrates in the interview. Young as she was, Zinhle had to make means of getting food to feed her sickly sister even if it meant she herself would go to bed on an empty stomach.

“I never cared about myself but I care about her, that’s why I love her so much”

she says of her little sister.

The most sickening part about this story is that Zinhle and her little sister have endured the tough life of living like orphans whilst their father is still alive. I mean,  It is one thing to lose a mother but to then have to survive on your own is the worst thing to happen to a 6 year old – let alone the much younger sibling.

Fast forward a few years later, Zinhle has managed to pull herself out of her miserable life and now lives a much better life that is an inspiration to other young children.


Someone reading this will probably say there is nothing special about this girl; thousands of children across the country grow up mothered by step moms and step children have a habit of telling a one sided story. Do you agree?

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