Shocking! Here Is What Killed 348 Swazis In One Year. It’s Not HIV/AIDS But You MUST Know What it is To Avoid It!



We all want to live until we are ready to die. We all want to lie on our death bed with 3 or more generations from our own loins surrounding us while giving them final words of wisdom and imparting blessings of long life. Unfortunately chances of that happening are slim if you remain ignorant of the major causes of death in Swaziland and what you need to do to protect yourselves. Yes! HIV/AIDS seems to be the biggest killer but we also have another serial killer on the loose.

The human body can potentially harbor a myriad of silent killer diseases, most of which surprisingly preventable or curable. Doctors the world over will all tell you one thing and that is how important it is to listen to your body. Go on to the internet and search for silent fatal diseases and of the over 500 000 search results, coronary heart disease is at the top with several websites touching on the matter.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014 released statistics claiming that of all the deaths that occur in Swaziland every year, coronary heart disease is responsible for 348 of them. A sobering statistic when you consider the fact that this disease is no longer exclusive to elderly men as widely assumed.

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