Shocking! Naked Woman Caught Performing Voodoo Stunts In Mahlanya! Tries To Explain Her Way Out of The Embarrassment


If you thought this was one of those clickbait stories then think again, it’s 100% real. It’s been a while since this story broke on Channel Swazi news but what got my attention is the number of hits it has gotten online and of course I missed it back then (I bet you did too). It looks like people are truly fascinated by witchcraft & so I decided to feed their obsession while making a point about the company we keep.

First,  to summarize the story for you,

This woman claims to have been sent by another older woman (Gogo) to go sprinkle some muti at someone’s home/room in order to get rid of them. When the interviewer asks if by “get rid” she meant kill or send away, she chose the latter. The old woman who was identified as the source that sent the voodoo woman changes her story to make it look like it wasn’t her fault and it ends up becoming a war of words between the “messenger” and the initiator.

The old woman who was identified as the initiator

When I was young I used to believe that ugly old ladies were witches. Well that’s what my older sister would tell me and we would even run away when ever our grandmother’s friend came to visit because she was black and “ugly” . The women in this story do not look different from the lovely Gogo from next door – in fact they are no different than my own family members; you could meet them in broad day light and not even begin to imagine them naked and performing acts of witchcraft in the middle of the night. Yet they are so different and dangerous to society.

The woman who claims to have been a mere messenger caught naked

Well, it looks like you might be living and/or working with a witch without knowing because you expect a witch to look like a witch. Modern society has even defined a witch as someone with a vindictive heart not just someone who performs witchcraft in the literal sense.

I seriously have a point to this story and that is,

Let us be careful of the company we keep lest we find ourselves a target of the forces of darkness. As well, let us be careful of the errands we run for other people for whatever reason – be it for love, money or power – you might just be the one left naked & embarrassed in a crowd.

You can watch the story unfold in the video below