Stepping Stones Sessions at the Ngudzeni Inkhundla


You give life to your baby, teach them how to dress and eat, you tell them how to behave in public, teach them mannerism and help them grow into well- rounded adults. That is the easy part, but what happens when you now have to teach them about the birds and the bees and you are not ready for that part. Most parents never are, well some parents are liberal so they take it upon themselves to educate their young about these things.


Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) recently had a session at the Ngudzeni Inkhundla where young people were going through the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum. This session pokes at the fact that young people are not well versed on sex education hence the need for this curriculum.

Which has me wondering, what is it exactly that is being taught in this curriculum, is the youth being taught how they should engage in sex, are they being taught the downfalls of engaging in sexual relations at a premature age? Are they being educated on never making wrong choices when it comes to their sexual orientation?

Whatever the reason, it is remarkable that the youth can actually sit together and share insight on topics of this nature, hear what their peers are saying and share what they think of sexuality and health. So maybe we should consider adding this curriculum to the youth’s everyday curriculum in schools. Would that be interesting, wouldn’t it? Leave your comment.

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