Swaziland Bush Fire Review


Bush fire is an unforgettable festival hosted in Swaziland. It is supported via different sponsors in the United States and brings together specific glad humans from all walks of lifestyles experience an exciting and appropriate Africa tune, which is performed broadly through African artists from all over Africa.

On occasion there are even more than 20 000 life-loving revelers from the kingdom of eSwatini, South Africa and in addition other nations. They all meet in a touch farm called Malandela’s that’s located at Malkerns Valley enroute Luyengo. The annual Bushfire is a 3-day celebration of cultural activities.

Bushfire is Swaziland’s biggest stay track music festival and it draws in over 20 000 human beings from all over Africa. The principle goal for Bushfire is to try to increase funds for the Young Hero’s orphanage in Swaziland. This helps them to offer an assisting hand to these orphans whose mothers and fathers were killed by the deadly HIV/AIDS.

It is estimated that there are over 15000 orphans in this country. And if each and every individual can contribute in this awareness, we can help fight poverty. Profits of the bush fire festival are donated to this organization. This festival is held mostly in winter so that people can experience the feel of the bush fire and people get to start their own fire in a can and this is usually called (Imbhawula).



The Bush hearth brings out the best African artists to carry out live. Most artists are from all over Africa. Lately they hosted artists coming from Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Canada, Zimbabwe, Mali, U.S.A., Spain, France and local gifted artists from Swaziland.

Music isn’t always the best performance you may find at the Bushfire festival. In case you are someone who’s into theater then you may not have any issues because theater is one of the foremost motives why Bushfire is held. Most performances are enjoyed by every individual who comes to Bushfire.

 The venue

The Bushfire festival is hosted annualy for the past ….. in Swaziland at Malkerns Valley, Malandela’s Farm.



  • About Bushfire– It brings together exceptional people from all corners of the world and walks of life. It was founded by Swazi-born entrepreneur and artist Jiggs Thorne.
  • ShowcaseThis festival shows the greatest performances of artists from all over Africa and some come from overseas to perform.
  • The venueInstructions on how to get there; Malandela’s in Malkerns Valley.

Additional Information

Anyone who has had the experience of the bushfire can tell you what fun it really is. The best thing about it is that you get to meet people coming from all over the world. For more info please visit main site which is bush-fire.com. It will show all the shows held over the past few years.



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