Swazi Gospel Rapper Switch to retire after next album; his plans for the future will surprise you

“Switch is actually a problem, Switch is actually one artist who even if he raps about God, he is giving mainstream artists a run for their money”.

On a One On One sit down with the rapper he gave an exclusive on his future plans and his aspirations. The name switch he explains is derived from his tendency to frequently change plans at the drop of a hat and in this instance it fast became apparent why.

Just as we have started getting into the groove of Gospel rap music, the 26 year old drops a bombshell on us! he is to release his last album on the day he graduates. This would make it his 3rd album following his last one “Walking in Faith” released on the 8th of August 2015.

The gospel star  aspires to study further and become a politician. He also envisions himself having a seat in parliament. His main focus for the future is to develop the community that he lives in of Msunduza in Mbabane and change people’s perception of it.

Judging from his apparent midas touch, the gospel star has a clear and bright future ahead of him. Do you think that he should pursue Politics or do you think that Music is his calling?

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