The Look on David Beckham’s Face When He Holds This Swazi Baby in His Hands is The Reason Why I Love Him


In the middle of 2016 David Beckham visited Swaziland in his capacity as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He visited a couple of areas mostly that are related to his mission. Many shots and videos were taken by various people and media. He also shared a coupled of videos on the internet himself but it is this one image that took our hearts here at

It’s an image of David Beckham with two women on his side sitting on what seems like a wooden bench. He holds the baby with like it was his. When the baby looks up into his eyes he gives an expression that open up a window to his soul. He is really genuine. He’s given me a reason to continue liking…no wait, loving him.


and then here is another one where he enjoys a light moment with a young Swazi boy.


and take a few minutes to watch the video he posted while in Swaziland here.

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