The Youth In Swaziland Is Quitting School To Take Up A Trade That Seems Lucrative But No One Is Telling Them About THE Important Fact


Drug trade is becoming more like a “job” to many Swazi’s that it has even attracted the youth to drop out of school to become full-time drug dealers and many people have given up on job hunting and opted for this business.

The stacks of money claimed to be made out of selling the illegal cannabis plant dagga has attracted a great number of youngsters that it never takes them a second to decide to leave school. They never see the reason of continuing with school when there is a business that can make them so much money without the “stress” of having to write assignments and tests.

In some instances, these children who leave school are pushed by their own parents to grow the illegal cannabis plant, so that they can provide for their struggling families. Looking at the situation back at home, they see no other choice but to obey their parents and venture into dagga cultivation.


The scarcity of jobs have also seem to have contributed to the increasing number of people selling dagga, a 29 year old single mother in Nkomazi is also one of the dozens of people who risk jail to cultivate dagga; all she wants is to be able to provide for herself and her 3 children’ she had looked for a job for almost 6 years without success and she said that she had no other choice but to grow the cannabis plant.

“Jobs are scarce in this country. It’s been six years that I have been hunting for a job without success; I have no choice but to grow the cannabis, come what may”

While growing and selling dagga may seem profitable for now, unfortunately no seems to be telling these drop outs about the value of an education. In the long run, education is a necessary anchor that supports one through nearly all situations in life. I have a friend who decided to start a business after graduating from college, 3 years into it the business was failing dismally until he decided to dust his certificate and applied for a job. He got a very good job that made him able to support himself and his entire family. He quit the job after a year – when he felt his business had stabilized enough to focus on it full time yet again. So without education he would never have had the chance to give his struggling business an opportunity to breath.

Sometimes the situations that life throws today force us to make decisions that we may regret tomorrow but it is important to always have an intention to make the right one.

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