Their unique dance moves made me fall in love with the Swazi traditional dance; look how this team will make you realize the beauty, fun and uniqueness of Swazi Culture


The electrifying sounds of drums and powerful clapping of hands pulled the attention of the audience as one of the dancers raised up to tease the audience with a warm up dance before the whole crew could join him for their dance pattern.

The energy that he had when he assertively swayed and swerved his body just made one long for the others to join too. After entertaining the audience with his captivating moves, the other dancers excitedly joined him to give another dose of fun to the cheerful audience.

In unison, they held their dancing sticks and moved their left arms sideways. Their Swazi flag colored skirts flaredas they highly raised their legs while they did the Sibhaca dance. The way the choreographed their moves just made one wish to be part of the team. They even went on to put their dancing sticks on the sides of their bodies then matched like soldiers making their whole performance a marvel to watch.

It is often said that SiSwati simunandzi but after seeing this performance I am convinced all the more that our culture truly is beautiful. Would you agree? Which cultural dance do you like the most?

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