I didn’t Believe the story About Sipoko Sakumalagwane Until I Saw THESE. SHOCKING!

Different versions are often told about the ghost from Malagwane; One thing I remember about the story is that the ghost is/was female and used to haunt drivers at night. I am not sure how she got to be left behind by the famous bus called “Zeeman Passenger Service” and would often be heard shouting, “waze wangishiya ye Zeeman”. Raise your hand if you remember this J

After reading up about the Malagwane accident report published in mainstream media a day or so ago, I decided to search and find different images of accidents that have happened on that road. My goal is to remind ourselves how dangerous that road is and why we always need to exercise caution when driving on it.






Ghost or no ghost, many lives have been lost there and do not be the next victim. I personally STILL find it hard to believe in the ghost story as the cause of the accident, I believe most drivers do not take necessary precaution when driving on that hill.

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UPDATE: There seems to be hope in sight for drivers on Malagwane hill. The government is promising to put up some digital signage that will help curb the accidents. Watch the video below for details.