This 12 year old has faced more hardships than you’ll probably ever face. What’s worse is what he is yet to find out about his health.


His father was the only breadwinner and made sure that the whole family was well taken care of; life was bliss until death came and swept away Thabo’s happiness and left him with nothing but agony.

The 12 year old boy had sores all over his tiny body and every time he ate his body rejected the meal. His poor health was alarming and gave no hope to his petrified grandmother who didn’t know what to mix and match in order for her grandson to get well.

Thabo’s parents and his 3 siblings died and left him behind with only his old grandmother who had nothing and struggled to put food on the table and life was not easy for both Thabo and her grandmother after the passing away of his parents.

Without the help of a care supporter, Thabo’s grandmother would not be able to cope with her sickly grandson.

Losing his parents was a huge blow for little Thabo; you could just tell it in his sorrowing voice and sad face when he spoke of his parents that he really missed them and the life that they used to  live before they passed on. His joy seem to have died with his parents.

Thabo’s condition changed after the care giver came to their rescue; she brought hope to the troubled old woman. They are all so grateful for the assistance they give. It is unfortunate that Thabo is still ignorant of the full situation regarding his health.

“ I don’t know what my medicines are for. No one has ever told me. But I know they help me live.”

When he grows up, he wants to learn to drive and be a nurse. The odds that he’ll achieve his dreams are 1 in 3. His grandmother’s only prayer is to pass one once he is old enough to take care of himself. He himself has enough faith to last him a life time. This could be exactly what he needs to defy the odds. He  ends the interview with these words,

“A lot of people take care of me. So I know I will be ok”.

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