This hall can be found in Mankayan but here’s why you’ve never seen it before. Interesting!


Its stands erect with such grandeur, a true marvel to the eye, the Mankayan Municipal Hall. Its architectural style, clearly influenced by structures from foreign lands, this hall has landmark status yet strangely enough, never been seen in Swaziland – EVER!


Looking at the image of the hall it is clear to see that it definitely is no “spring chicken” because even though it boasts of pristine paint finishes with an equally spectacular garden to match, it definitely does look weathered and old.


Not to take away from its grandeur and robust presence but the Mankayan Municipal Hall has clearly never been seen in the country, not because maybe it is hidden from full view, but because it is NOT in Swaziland. Yes, this monstrosity calls the Philippines home! Situated in Mankayan town in the Filipino province of Banguet, the Mankayan Municipality Hall harbors the Philippine’s government registration office and police station to mention a few.

No sweat, we were also fooled the first time around. Took us a while to notice the missing “e” at the end of the word.

Who would have thought just how similar our languages are around the world? I can only imagine a Filipino tourist coming to Swaziland and discovering Mankayane town. Perhaps the word Mankayan means something in their language; it certainly would be interesting to find out.

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