This Image of A Man Jumping Through The Hoops Next To ka-Somhlolo Should Have Gone Viral. It’s Hilarious!


In the spirit of encouraging health & fitness through exercise The Swaziland Olympic and Common Wealth Games Association (SOCGA) conducted an outdoor practical application at the on-going Olympic Solidarity/IAAF CECS Level 1 course in Zulwini. There were a lot of interesting activities that got people getting physically active. They posted the pictures on their Facebook page. A great initiative indeed. Visit their FB page for more pics.

There is just one particular picture that stands out in an interesting way. Don’t let me waste your time with lots of words, see the picture below.


This guy looks like he is flying quite literally. I wonder why there aren’t any memes for it yet! Help us make this picture go viral by sharing it on your wall. It’s not just about making fun of it but it’s more about creating awareness on health and fitness as intended by SOCGA but we do it in a fun and interesting way. Statistics show that our generation will die young due to obesity and other diseases that are caused by unhealthy life styles. More and more Swazis are dying due to diabetes, high blood pressure and other silent killer diseases.

Shukuma! Swaziland.

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