This is how Cool King Sobhuza II was at age 24. We found a video from 1923.


There are very little videos that exist of the late king Sobhuza II when he was still in his younger years. Technology was still finding its feet around that time, but we found this rare gem of His Royal Highness when he was still in his 20s.

In 1924, the then 24 year old paramount chief who was later made king had travelled to London with a delegation of other Swazi chiefs. The purpose of this visit was to confer with the colonial office as you will know that Swaziland was under British protection until 1968.


The footage shows the king in a jovial mood flanked by his delegation and Englishmen whom we assume were part of the colonial office of that time. Adorned in formal wear of a suit and tie as well as a long coat and hat, the king and his kinsmen looked decidedly dapper during the meeting.


A closer look at His Majesty and it seems he bears a very close resemblance to the late Michael Jackson when he was still a child. He certainly looks remarkably different to the images of him in his older years.

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