This lady will teach you a thing or two about kusebenta emendvweni; her energy is almost supernatural much to the amusement of onlookers.


Most married women will tell you that the most strenuous activities are when they have to go to their marital home and work in the event of either a funeral or a wedding. Kusebenta emendvweni is excepted from every bride and has become an unwritten criteria by which the elders of any homestead approve of a new wife to be.

This lady gave this cultural norm a whole new meaning though when she stirred kubondza the mealie meal that was in a large drum being cooked into our traditional dish liphalishi. With the drum placed outside for obvious reasons over an open fire, the lady who stood over it was well equipped with two large wooden pins.

She started as though it was a joke and she would quickly as for help. Soon after she was seen to manage both pins just fine and quickly fell into a rigorous rhythm that sent her spectators into chatter with sheer marvel.

This stirring went on for what seemed to be an eternity as I felt my arms would have needed reconstructive surgery if I were the one doing the stirring. To everyone’s amazement, she did not seem to tire or even falter in her adopted rhythm.

Do you think that Swazi homes in the new millennium are still focused on the hard working nature of a woman? Is there any honor that still comes with kukhutsala?

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