Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor Calling it Quits

It seems like hot couples are going separate ways in 2019. Internationally acclaimed comedian and television host, Trevor Noah and his real estate agent girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor are one of those couples that called it quits in 2018 and heading into 2019 single.

The split was discovered when Jordyn posted Instagram stories about her solo trip during the festive season on Instagram, and that was when curious fans besieged with questions about our favorite comic. One of her followers asked the below question on Jordyn Instagram stories.

“Half the things on my inbox are about Trev. Of course, I love him. How could you not love him? I love him so much, but you guys should know we broke up, like last Summer. Over this past Summer, well over this past Summer. But yeah, I love him,” that’s how she responded to the post. The real estate agent didn’t get into details on why they have decided to go separate ways but we are hoping for the reason soon.

Well, they were lovely couple but Jordyn has given the single ladies a chance to the hot comedian. 2019 single ladies is your year to single men like Trevor “LOOOOL”.

Here is the ex-couple in good times:

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